Children's Shows

Our Children's Shows are designed to entertain and gently teach. The characters Shangri and Larz have been performing together since 1999.

Whether a story show or in roving mode they strive not only to provide a comic and fun performance, but also to give the audience of children and adults alike a chance to learn something new.

From their Kids and Clown Olympics Show with its fun interactive events, to 2001 A Clown Oddity which takes them on a journey through our solar system, along with all that could possibly go wrong for these very original characters. The audience of course becomes involved and helps them solve their problems, often with hilarious consequences.

All in all our kids shows are great fun, with audience participation, comedy, songs, dance and spectacular acrobatics.

We also have our COLOURS OF THE WIND Cultural and Spiritual Shows which explore our worlds great diversity of people and cultures. Through stories, music, song, dance and craft making the children are given a chance to see how children in other places live.

Ultimately the aim of these shows, as well as to entertain, is to bring a greater awareness of our world's varied population.